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Personal Injury - Mediation Resolves Now!

Are you looking for a resolution or an attorney for a Personal Injury Claim or Case? Look no further! With Choice Mediation Solutions our highly qualified mediators can get you results now.

Mediators step in as a neutral third party to either be with you from day 1 or to work with you and your attorney to get things moving along.

What do I mean??

With Mediation you have the opportunity to meet one on one with the opposing side after filing a claim or complaint with the person/persons/business that has caused the occurrence or accident you are currently faced with.

No you do not need an attorney. But yes we work with you and your attorney if you have already hired an attorney..

Well Y would you need a Mediator if you have an attorney??

Mediators and Mediation Gets the Ball Rolling. Law Suits Take Time...Lots of Time. By contacting a Mediator for Mediation you and your attorney will meet with the opposing side in a meeting...Not Court and come into agreement for you.

Or You can begin this process alone and handle it quickly and efficiently with a legal binding agreement. An agreement to mediate does not mean you can not file a law suit at a later date, and mediation is confidential so anything you discuss or provide is completely null and void if the matter reaches an impasse ( not resolved). However you do gain more knowledge of the case to approach another way in court should you decide. Mediators are bond by the state and can/will not serve as a witness or share any information from any said mediation. However....Over 98% of all Mediation end in resolutions that far surpass the end results in court.

Over 95% of Claims, Cases, Complaints end with a settlement offer. What happens if this settlement offer happens months or years down the line? Well more and more fees,cost, and time are taken out of your offer.

With Mediation you get ahead of the claim, case or complaint. You state how, why, what you have been through and what you want to see happen next. You become the Decision Maker, and the Voice of your own claim, case or complaint.

In addition to this you are sitting in front of the Decision Maker of the opposing side.

It is the Mediator that will assist you both in opening the lines of communication, resolution, agreement and settlement to gain the legal binding closure you all want and need.

So prior to seeking a law suit, or if your law suit is in a stall....Contact Choice Mediation Solutions. Know your options and do not just go what some say is the normal process to simply file a claim. Take control and get closure so you can get pass what has happened to you knowing you are taken care of ultimately in the end.

Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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