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Attorney's - Get your Case Load down with Mediation!

Attorneys Choice Mediation wants to take this time to recognize and acknowledge what you do. So often Clients get so caught up in the normalcy of things, that they may not recall what all goes into a case. Choice Mediation Solutions acknowledges you are grateful for all your clients and your success as an attorney. However we want to bring up to clients the long work hours, and the cost that goes into assuring that your clients are taken care of and that you take on this cost and case right along side of them till the end to ensure their rights and options are all met. Choice Mediation Solutions loves working with all of you, and we would love to work with more of you. What Choice Mediation Does is we assist you to lighten your load. To begin have more funds in than out. To begin to have more time for more cases or time for you. At this time we offering an Attorney Discount to all new attorneys that give us a shot at getting some of your case loads down. We value your time and efforts as an attorney and realize the tension delays, motions, research takes to get a win. With Choice Mediation Solutions everyone wins, and you get to resolve now! I know it is hard to give a new firm, or mediator a try with your clients. But Please remember. You can always opt out if you feel things are not going your way and even though the mediation is completely confidential you still gain more knowledge than before to prepare for the trial. 98% of all our Mediation end in resolutions leaving your clients and ours feeling closure and confident that the best options were available to them. We all know after all the research, cost, time, over 95% of cases close in a settlement offer, right before Trial or In the Court Room. Get ahead of the cost leaving more for you and your client with Mediation! INQUIRE TODAY WITH PROMO CODE: ATTORNEY2016 LET'S AGREE TO MEDIATE YOUR CASES AND GET YOUR WORK LOAD DOWN, AND MORE MONEY COMING IN THAN OUT. REQUEST OUR LIST OF REFERENCES FOR YOUR AREA. SERVING LOUISIANA. Choice Mediation Solutions " Where Your Voice Counts" 225-308-4559 New Orleans 337-284-3117 Lafayette Serving Louisiana @ Your Location or Ours!

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