Have you been hit by another Car, Truck or SUV?

Have you been hit by another Car, Truck or SUV?

If you have already filed a law suit - WE CAN HELP If you have only filed a claim with the Insurance Company - WE CAN HELP A Mediator serves as a third party to ensure not only that everyone's voice is heard but to bring awareness to your options. Our highly trainer mediators know what you are going through, know what everyone needs and will be your neutral third party to get you there. Over 98 % of Mediation sessions end in resolution and take an average from 2- 4 hours. However larger cases can take a full day. However Mediation is not like Litigation. It does not take months or years. Mediation for personal injury claims can be handled in mediation sessions face to face or the pre- negotiations process with the claims department and adjuster. If you have already filed a law suit - NO PROBLEM We will work with you and your attorney to get this case resolved now. So if you feel your case is at a stand still or you simply want or need to end it now for closure. Mediation is the key. Mediation is a legal binding agreement. Mediation saves you time and money. Mediation brings closure, results, and your settlement offer NOW. Choice Mediation www.choicemediationsolutions.com Promo Code: July2016 For flat rate fee of $450.00 (5 hour cap) Please Note in over 95% of all mediation the insurance company offers to cover the cost due to resolution being now through mediation and not litigation! Expires: 7/30/2016

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