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Join our Business Service to Avoid or Resolve your Business Matters.

Business Disputes

We all have them - You go to work day in and day out and we can not keep everything running smoothly no matter how hard we try..

Often times no matter how hard we try to please someone - Sometimes it is just not possible also.

Mediation brings resolution to your business so you can get your focus back on what counts for everyone.

Mediation is a private session that remains confidential to all.

Mediation is not recorded on public record, therefore Mediation is a great way to manage, maintain, protect and resolve matters without ruining your reputation.

You worked so hard to get here. Let's face it with social media it takes on comment and it goes VIRAL.

Mediation stops that. Mediation Agreements protect you from slander, and law suits against your company.

Mediation allows you to hear the view of the consumer, come in agreement and resolution is made. Giving you all closure and contentment.

Choice Mediation Solutions has Business Services available to maintain and avoid disputes. They are available on a month to month or annual basis.

Join Choice Mediation Solutions - Business Service Plan today and Keep your reputation and business focus SOLID!

$500.00 Annually ( Savings ) Or $50.00 A Month Sign up before August 15th 2016 and pay $40.00 a month with Promo Code: CHOICE

Disputes, Disagreements, Complaints, Concerns

Let us handle them through Pre- Mediation for you!

Collections Shipping Vendors Subs Consumers Payables Delays Breakdowns Employees

No Matter the issue - Pre-Mediation Business Service Plan will keep you from having to file a law suit or have a law suit filed on you.

Choice Mediation Solutions "Where your Voice Counts" 337-284-3117

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